Watch Your Meal Come to Life - side view chef baking delicious pizza

Watch Your Meal Come to Life

Taste the unexpected! If you live at Alexan Montview, you’re in for a treat with Cattivella nearby. This isn’t just any Italian restaurant; it’s a fun place run by a famous chef, Elise Wiggins. Cattivella means “naughty girl” in Italian, and it’s all about enjoying great food in a friendly place. There’s an open kitchen where you can watch your meal come to life, a bar, and a lovely outdoor area to sit. Visit why Cattivella is a favorite for people at Alexan Montview.

Chef Elise Wiggins

Chef Elise Wiggins knows how to make amazing Italian food. She’s won a lot of awards and goes to Italy every year to learn new recipes. This means you get to eat delicious pizzas from a wood oven, tasty grilled dishes, and other Italian favorites. It’s like having a little piece of Italy right near your home.

Watch Your Food Being Cooked!

The open kitchen concept adds a unique dimension to your dining experience. You can witness the talented chefs in action as they utilize a large wood oven and a grill to prepare your meal right before your eyes. This interactive cooking process provides entertainment and enhances the anticipation of your delicious food. As you observe the flames dance and the ingredients sizzle, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the craftsmanship behind your dish.

Friendly Spot Right in the Neighborhood

Cattivella is just a short walk from Alexan Montview, in the Stapleton area. It’s perfect for any time you want to grab a bite – whether it’s a quick dinner, a special date, or just hanging out with friends. You can sit by the kitchen, relax at the bar, or enjoy the outside patio. Living at Alexan Montview means delicious Italian food at Cattivella, which is always just a quick drive away.

Experience the joy of watching your meal come to life and enjoy all the great things about living close to Cattivella. Schedule a tour and lease today.