Say Goodbye to Clutter - kitchen sink and cabinets

Say Goodbye to Clutter

Hidden spaces in small places create the greatest storage. This saying is a perfect match for the living experience at Alexan Montview Apartments, where we’ve crafted our spaces to offer smart, generous storage solutions. In our homes, you’ll discover that every inch makes your life organized and your home spacious. Say goodbye to clutter and explore these clever storage features that stand out in our designer-finished apartments.

Clutter-Free Home

Our apartments offer generous storage spaces. You’ll find roomy pantries for all your kitchen essentials and linen closets to keep your bedding and towels neatly arranged. Additionally, most homes have coat closets to organize your outerwear. Having ample storage space in your apartment can help you lead an organized and stress-free life. Allowing you to find the items you need easily when you need them.

Kitchen Convenience

Our kitchen has clever pull-out drawers under the counter for your trash and recycling. These drawers keep your kitchen clean and fresh because they hide the garbage. It may seem like a small thing, but it makes a big improvement in how nice and tidy your kitchen looks. These pull-out drawers make your kitchen look better and are also handy for handling your garbage.

See the Difference Yourself

At Alexan Montview Apartments, we care about helping you keep your things organized and your home clutter-free. Our apartments have lots of storage space, including ample closets for your stuff and drawers for your kitchen trash that make things look nicer and smell better. These little details help make your apartment a comfortable and tidy place to live. We want you to enjoy a pleasant, well-organized home at Alexan Montview.

If you’re looking for a home where clever design maximizes space and style, and say goodbye to clutter, look no further than Alexan Montview. Schedule a tour and lease today!