From Sundown to Second Dawn - drinks pic by Sarah J. May 2023 on Yelp

From Sundown to Second Dawn

After a long day, when you move to Alexan Montview, unwind and embrace the best part of your day with Second Dawn Brewing. Their talented brewmaster creates a variety of beers, seltzers, and dry drinks to offer you a choice at the bar. From sundown to Second Dawn, it’s all about savoring the delightful flavors and good times that Alexan Montview has to offer!

Relax and Enjoy

Second Dawn Brewing is a place where you can go to relax and forget about all the things that are stressing you out. It’s a cozy and friendly place where you can enjoy the moment and forget about work for a while. You should sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the day without worries! You deserve this place after a day’s hard work.

Crafted with Care

The amazing brewmaster takes pride in making each drink with great care. Whether you are having beers, refreshing seltzers, or satisfying dry drinks, there’s something for everyone. They have an endless list of choices. You can find the drink that makes you happy.

Discover Your Favorite

At Second Dawn Brewing, you will have a great experience. It’s a place where you can hang out with friends, meet new people, and have a good time. Whether you know a lot about drinks or are just starting to explore, the bar has something for you. Enjoy a couple of drinks, relax, and let the flavors sweep your worries away!

Are you ready to join the fun at Second Dawn Brewing? Come and sip a drink at Alexan Montview, from sundown to Second Dawn!