From Pickleball to Fire Tables - courtyard

From Pickleball to Fire Tables

When we speak of living the high life, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a lifestyle where every day feels like a resort vacation, where your surroundings mirror the sophistication of your desires. We’ve got everything you have ever dreamed of, from pickleball to fire tables. At Alexan Montview, we’ve translated this vision into reality, and the results? Simply breathtaking.

Engage in Active Living

Walk into our two fun-filled courtyards and get excited! How about a game with a friend on our pickleball court? Or maybe you prefer playing on our cornhole lawns. If you’re feeling brave, try out our climbing rock. These places aren’t just for games; they’re perfect for hanging out and getting to know the people around you.

Dine, Lounge, and Connect

Imagine the soft chime of ping pong paddles amidst the laughter of friends, the sizzle of a grill preparing a delicious evening feast. Our shaded outdoor dining areas offer the right touch of luxury and comfort. And when the evening chill descends, gather around our fire tables, feeling the warmth not just from the flames but from the camaraderie around.

A Touch of Green in Your Luxe Life

Taking care of our shared garden feels good. It shows you that simple things can be special, too. You can see our community getting better and happier as your plants grow. After gardening, relax on our comfy chairs and enjoy the incredible mix of new stuff and nature around you.

If this sounds like your dream living scenario, from pickleball to fire tables, we invite you to be part of this exclusive experience. Dive into luxury, dive into comfort, dive into Alexan Montview.