Annette's Wood-Fired Cuisine - an ax stuck in a wooden stump near a burning fireplace

Annette’s Wood-Fired Cuisine

You can experience more than just an apartment living here at Alexan Montview. Annette, a nearby restaurant, offers a dining experience that’s as close to homemade cooking as it gets. It’s a must-visit for our residents and future residents. They take pride in their ‘scratch-to-table’ and Annette’s wood-fired cuisine. It honors food producers, nourishes guests, and embodies craftsmanship, creativity, and rustic simplicity. Perfect for any mood and celebrations in life.

Dining with a Personal Touch

Annette isn’t just about eating; it’s about experiencing food like you’re a guest in someone’s home. Here, every meal is a chance to share, connect, and create memories. The atmosphere is as inviting as the food, making every visit like visiting your grandparents’ house. Annette’s commitment to hospitality and dedication to crafting exceptional dishes make it a beloved dining destination for our existing and future residents.

Crafted with Care

Annette’s kitchen follows the “scratch-to-table” idea, where everything is made from scratch. They focus on wood-fired dishes that have a simple and creative style. Every meal they make shows how much they care about cooking and the people who grow the food. You can feel their love for food and sharing it in every dish they serve. It’s a special place where food is a form of art and a way to bring people together.

Your New Favorite Dining Spot

The chefs at Annette have cooked all over the country and now bring their cooking skills to your table, creating food that’s as comforting as a homemade meal. You get tasty and top-notch dishes that are great for sharing with your family and friends. And since Annette is super close to Alexan Montview, it’s the ideal spot to enjoy a meal when you’re celebrating your move.

Schedule your tour and lease at Alexan Montview today and discover the joys of dining at Annette’s wood-fired cuisine.